Roller Towels

Roller Towels | Smithy&coThe original roller towel dates back to the 1850’s and traditionally in this country most kitchens used to have a wooden roller attached to the wall to hang their continuous roller towels on. Smithy&co designed their roller towel with this in mind but wanted to have a more practical way of taking it off the Aga rail hence the use of Velcro.

By adding an attractive piece of fabric from one of the many designs used by Smithy&co it brightens up your kitchen. They became hugely popular and one of our best sellers so much so that it became apparent very quickly that you didn’t need just an Aga or range cooker to use the roller towel but any oven with a horizontal bar or even a cloakroom towel rail.

Product Features

  • 100% waffle cotton towelling
  • Velcro fastening
  • Approx size 100cm length by 26cm width

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Showing all 23 results