London Apron


The many attractions of the city of London known worldwide are shown on this bold fabric.

The Big Red Bus, Big Ben, Black Cabs. Our London apron is really popular with Londoners and we have sent them all round the world.

Children also love this fabric. We can make to order aprons, bibs and lampshades.


Smithy&co aprons are made from good quality 100% British printed fabrics and all our aprons now feature our handmade leather logos.  Just because it has the leather logo though doesn’t mean it cants be washed as normal.

The pockets are attractively edged with a complimentary bias. A good quality cotton herringbone strap is used which also compliments the fabric design.

The neckband is secured with a button which can easily adjusted by moving the button. The straps are very generous in length but bespoke aprons can be made with longer straps if required.

Approx size

Finished: 86cm length by 65cm width
Straps: waist length 80cm each side


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